About Us

What is the halley?

We’re much more than just a workspace or studio suites - we are the beating heart of London’s creative community and are on a mission to make the music industry more balanced, inclusive, ethical and sustainable.

We are dedicated to supporting the next generation of music businesses and teams, take pride in creating a welcoming environment for all our members and community groups, and strive to be a positive force in our East London community.

How do we do this?

We achieve this by building a community where industry experts and the next generation come together to learn from each other. Ultimately our members are connected through their passion and purpose.

Our story?

The Halley was created in 2020 - possibly the worst time to open a space built on community and collaboration! - but through it all, we’ve managed to bring our belief in community to life, and have created a holistic space that fuels ideas and professional growth.

What does our name mean?

If you’ve ever wondered about the halley name, we’ve taken inspiration from the renowned Haggerston astronomer Sir Edmond Halley. Born in 1656, he identified the famous ‘Halley Comet’ in 1686, a comet which passes over the Earth every 75 years and is the only comet that is regularly visible to the naked human eye.

Born and bred in Haggerston, Halley was a man living in a small corner of East London staring at the sky and wondering the infinite possibilities of the great beyond. 

We love this as a story for the halley space and see it as a metaphor for our community, with our space acting as a catalyst for amazing discoveries, collaborations and achievements. 

Meet the team

The halley is looked after by a small but dedicated on-site team


General Manager
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Community Manager
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Marketing Manager
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Partnerships and Project Manager
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Studio Coordinator
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As part of our commitment to supporting the next generation of music creators and businesses, Launchpad is our 6-month accelerator programme designed to support young entrepreneurs get to the next level. 

Throughout Launchpad we support them with access to our workspace, studios, and a scheme of relevant and contemporary workshops skill-sharing and mentoring, from industry heavyweights in the halley community. 

Read more about the 2021/22 experience

How to find us

We are a 5-minute walk from Haggerston Station, and served by many buses on the Kinglsand Road. Our main entrance is on the Canal side and we share an entrance with Cafe Route.


The Halley
Unit X, V, Y, Z 
2 - 10 Reliance Wharf
N1 5ET


020 3971 5665