5 of the best Black Friday deals for Producers

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Daniel Hannen
November 24, 2022

It’s Black Friday time again and therefore the perfect time to upgrade you or your loved one’s DAW heading into the new year.

In this blog we've put together the biggest and best 5 deals to check out this Black Friday.


Soundtoys make a variety of sleek, intuitive and effective plugins that can add a lot of character to your productions - if used effectively. Looking to do some crazy processing for vocals? Want an easy way to play around with granular effects and dive into some creative sound design? Just need something that makes your drums bang just a little harder? Little Alterboy, Crystalizer and Devil-Loc Deluxe have got you covered. Swore by producers such as Kenny Beats, Yaeji, Mike Dean, Tim Kelly, you can grab a lot of these plugins individually for as low as $29 or get the whole bundle for $229. If you're really on a tight budget you can get the tube preamp Little Radiator for free using the code HOLIDAYHEAT.


iZotope have made some of the essential plugins for producers over the years. Ozone is the mastering suite for professionals and novices alike, said to be a real upgrade from DAW stock plugins not usually used by professional engineers. iZotope recently put out Ozone’s 10th version complete with a powerful AI mastering assistant where one can load in their own reference tracks for the AI to help in more specific mixing and mastering situations. You can grab the Elements version of Ozone right now on Plugin Boutique for £35 or part of the iZotope Holiday Bundle which includes Neutron Elements and Audiolens.


Celemony’s Melodyne 5 is a deep and powerful vocal editor. Providing a visualisation of vocal notes, its tools allow one to have a deep impact on the audio allowing one to “change the pitch, vibrato, volume, sibilants, length, timing and formats of each note”. Modelled on human hearing, Melodyne retains the subtle nuances and fluctuations while identifying the problem areas found in a sung vocal. Melodyne is an essential part of many a producer's process, Lyra Pramuk explains how she goes about using it in the creation of her “futuristic folk” music in FACT’s How To Make A Track series, leaning into the digitality the Melodyne edits can create. You can get Melodyne Essential for 50% off on Plugin Boutique.


BFD3 is a great drum machine for realistic acoustic sounding drums. BFD’s third version of the software is able to model tom resonance and cymbal swells to great detail. Perfect for producers without the studio access, wanting to emulate the realism of a studio drum kit on the go. With 160GB of samples compressed down to 55GB without losing any of the detail thanks to a built-in lossless compression, loads of presets to play with, BFD3 is a must get. Grab it on Plugin Boutique for £36.95 this Black Friday. 

Max for Live

Okay this one is a bit of a cheat but if you own the standard version of Ableton you owe it to yourself to go get the Max for Live upgrade, unlocking a whole world of community made plugins. LFO is essential if you want to create any sort of forward thinking sound design. Granulator II is also an amazing sound design shaper, forging these worlds of little granular textures from any sample of your choosing. The Ableton website has a great selection of M4L plugins but maxforlive.com has an even deeper selection of free and paid plugins made by the M4L community. And if you have some spare time you can always learn Max and make some plugins yourself. The M4L upgrade as well as Live 11 is currently 20% off on the Ableton shop

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