Black Pound Day: Local Black-owned businesses to support

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September 30, 2021

What is Black Pound Day?

A celebration and initiative to support Black-owned businesses across the UK and Europe, Black Pound Day is a movement that encourages consumers to be more thoughtful with their spending habits, supporting Black-owned businesses, both locally and online.

Founded by Swiss of So Solid Crew, the aim of the movement is to address the economic inequalities and imbalances affecting Black businesses and entrepreneurs, and in turn, help support the growth of the Black economy.

The ongoing campaign happens on the first Saturday of every month, and was launched in July of 2020. In just one year, Swiss states that according to google, “Black businesses were searched for more than ever in London since the inception of the internet, which is indicative of the movement's huge impact.”

How we can support Black Pound Day

While the official Black Pound Day website offers a directory for more than 2,000 Black-owned businesses in the UK and beyond, each month we also want to highlight and support the amazing local businesses and communities close to the Halley!

Some of our favourite Black-owned food spots and boutique shops sit right here on our doorstep, so if you’re anywhere near East London, be sure to make a visit. But more importantly, take your time to consider what businesses could be local to you...

Leaving online reviews, recommending shops to friends, and replacing your normal spend with a product or service from that business are all great ways to support the movement.

Caribbean Kitchen

67 Mare St, Hackney, London E8 4RG

I Go Chop

46 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8QZ

Pelicans & Parrots

40 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7XJ

Prick - Cactus Shop

492 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE

Elite Evolution

86 Wallis Road, London, E9 5LN

SliderCuts Barbers

176 Hackney Rd, London E2 7QL


656 Forest Rd, London E17 3ED

No Ordinary Bookshop

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