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March 14, 2022

At the halley, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

The destruction of civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties has forced people to flee their homes seeking safety, protection, and assistance. In the first week of fighting, more than a million refugees from Ukraine crossed borders into neighboring countries. They are in need of protection and support.

In London, there are lots of collection points but we recognise they can be difficult to get to.

Between 14th March - 25th March, we will be acting as a short term colelction centre. We will then bulk deliver these items to a larger collection point. Taken from the London Humanitarian in Kind Donations page, these are the humanitarian items needed

Nappies/Diapers Підгузки
Wet wipes Вологі серветки
Camping mats Каремати
Sleeping bags Спальні мішки
Powerbanks Павербанки
Charging cords Зарядні шнури
Electricity generators Електричні генератори
Flashlights Ліхтарі
Water filters Фільтри для води
Non-perishable/dry/canned food/sweets/protein bars Продукти з довгим терміном придатності/сухі продукита консерви/солодощі/protein bars
Pet food Їжа для тварин

Please ensure that all donations are clean, organised and labelled if you bring multiple items in the box. This should be done in the format. Щоб допомогти волонтерам, будь ласка, переконайтеся, що всі пожертви є чистими, організованими та позначеними, якщо ви приносите кілька предметів у коробці. Це потрібно зробити у форматі:

For further information, and places to donate to, please see the list we've collated below.
London Humanitarian in Kind Donations
Support Ukraine Now
With Ukraine
Red Cross
Black is Polish
Ukraine Evactuation Resettlement Fund
Kyiv Pride Fundraiser

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