The Halley Presents: What's on in May

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April 5, 2023


Grassroot Support Residency

As part of our Grassroots Support Initiative, this month our events are curated by SODAA.

11th May | How To Sodaa

SODAA operates at the intersection of distributed organisations and cooperatives, using ideals and criteria ensuring that the patterns of oppression that permeate our society are not replicated within intentional and inclusive spaces. These principles drive SODAA forward and keep us from falling under the influence of harmful patterns rampant in a capitalist society. It’s open-value cooperativism that allows us to work together fairly towards our goal as a collective. So how do we do it? And more importantly, how can you?

This workshop will look at the 7 guiding principles behind cooperatives and, in particular, DIStributed Cooperative Organisations (DisCO) and how we apply it within SODAA itself, and explore how current collectives can apply them to the way they work to ensure that we’re all contributing to a future in music culture that’s free and fair for all involved.

18th May | A look into the SODAA Model - what have we learned so far?

In this open event, core members of SODAA will share the progress and the findings of the first year of “working in public”, giving attendees an insight into SODAA’s collectively-developed decision-making protocol, membership system, funding mechanism, participative curation methods, and possible solutions for the legal setup for a community-owned and operated venue. 

Throughout the panel, they will highlight the positives and analyse critically the flaws and biases of the work done so far, and answer questions from the floor.

An improvised performance of the ever-evolving SODAA Ensemble will follow.

Tickets via Open Collective

Member Events

4th & 18th May | Fika Coffee break

What is Fika? "To Swedes, Fika is something of a ritual. It does typically involve coffee and a sweet pastry, but just as important is the decision to take a deliberate break from your day with others. It’s a chance to relax and enjoy social connection with family, friends or colleagues.

Fika is our way of connecting across our different campuses. It's a chance to take a moment away from our laptops, have a great cup of coffee and build connections with our growing community

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9th May |  Lunch 'N' Learn

Join us as we hear from some of our members about what they're current projects, big wins, and where they need collaboration - plus, get a free delicious lunch on us. Lunch! This month our member pitches come from The Collective Studio who provide creative and strategic sound for all projects, and our Grassroot Organisation partner of the month, SODAA, who are a community developing a decentralised governance model for a music arts venue in London.

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25th May | Members Social - May Drinks

Finally, the month is done! Let's kick back and relax with some delicious drinks and snacks from Cafe Route. The perfect antidote to the (almost) end of the working week and a perfect opportunity to catch up with new friends and old!

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