launchpad: building a social media strategy

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March 29, 2022

Social Media is something we all use, one way or another, every day.

Though it's an easy touchpoint for businesses to reach potential customers, jumping in without a strategy can equal a lot of effort but create minimal reward.

In this workshop, Hattie will show how to create a successful social strategy, share her fail-safe ways for organising content, plus examples on how to set social goals and metrics - all so our Launchpad participants can get the most from their social platforms.

The Coach

hattie at the halley

Hattie - The Halley

With a background in Music Tech, Hattie has a strong interest in marrying creativity and strategy to create authentic marketing moments. Formally at Native Instruments, Hattie has worked from the ground up and is now the newest member of the halley team as Marketing Manager. She has experience in managing campaigns, content creation, and product/project management.

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